5 Christmas Movies to watch with the family

by Roberta Bargiggia November 27, 2017


Who of you in December or during the Christmas holydays never spent some time watching Christmas movies on TV??? Surely no one…
And, as Christmas time is approaching, we want to share with you a bit of healthy Christmas spirit suggesting five movies that are masterpieces and real classics able to overwhelm us!

In a few days, there will be only the embarrassing of choice: on all TV channel will be proposed cults film, and all of us, watching them again, will returning children for a while… because this is the magic of Christmas!


Miracle on 34th Street

miracle-on-34th-street Hired by a department store to be Santa Claus, elder Kris Kringle persuades his employers that he truly is, but he is dragged to court from the competitors. Remake of the famous cult movie of 1947, even here the magic remain intact!


A Christmas Carol

The most famous animated movie of the last times. A fantasy tale set in London in 1800 and based on the novel of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. It is the Christmas movie, that made the character of Ebenezer Scrooge immortal, cantankerous moneylender that hates Christmas and does not manage to have any relationship with his family.
a-christmas-carol So it start a journey in which Scrooge recalls and analyses the important moments of his life, reconsidering his principles and to realize what is really important. It is the perfect movie to end the Christmas day at the best!


Home Alone

Another great classic to review every year! An American comedy of 1990 that is the right combination between humor and sentiment.
home-alone The McCallister leaving for the Christmas holidays with their numerous family only after the plane took off realized they forgotten their younger child at home. Little Kevin, left alone, does not lose heart, he indeed will take care of his house in his own way, managing even to scold a band of clumsy burglers.


The Grinch

The movie that is impossible not to watch at Christmas: the film that starred Jim Carrey with the direction of Ron Howard is a movie with a sweet and current moral.
il-gringh An animated movie perfect to make children understand the true meaning of Christmas. A fairy tale against consumerism and marketing of a holyday, in which the material aspect seem to have overwhelmed the spiritual one. The Grinch is an evil character who hates Christmas and his goal is to cancel it stealing all the gifts: will he succeed?



Will Ferrell has the gift to make you laugh only with his gaze imagine him dressed as an elf.Elf In this Christmas tale, he plays an elf on a mission to the big apple to search for his true origin. It is a surreal Christmas comedy but in perfect harmony with the tale and family-movie canons: absolutely to be seen!


What are you waiting for then?? Choose your favourite Christmas movie, get a soft blanket, some snack and …….good vision!
Roberta Bargiggia
Roberta Bargiggia

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