Tuscany, San Romano

Toscany Region
"Our pasta is a masterpiece, an Italian excellence known all over the world, that owes its inimitable taste to the wheat germ, the heart of the cereal." Lucia Morelli - Owner


The old Morelli pasta factory, is a family run business founded in 1860. After five generations, today are the Morelli brothers, Lucia, Antonio and Marco to carry on the family tradition. After many years of use wheat germ, the old Morelli pasta factory managed to obtain a pasta with an extraordinary and unmistakable taste. A pasta made with the best groats, all of which slowly worked with crafted technicsduring which the wheat germ is re-incorporated in the processing cycle to give the pasta a unique flavor, that comes from the past and nowadays totally lost in the industrial processing.


The peculiarity that makes us unique among all pasta manufactories, both crafted and industrial, is that we re-incorporate the wheat germ in the pasta. During cooking the water becomes slightly green and an intense wheat’s perfume is released that in its simplicity marvels: even adding only very little oil we have a very good and unique taste pasta.

Our production is wide: we start from durum wheat semolina pasta, with wheat germ, and eggs pasta. There are also special organic pasta, typical products as Pici, Pappardelle, flavored pasta and gifts items. We have always counted on our craftsmanship to develop those market niches that represent a vital segment for the pasta industry, using our flexibility and ultra- centennial experience.