Veneto, Castello di Godego

Veneto Region
"No segret ingredients, no new technology but high quality raw material and deep passion for well-done tasks." Fabio Pellizzari - Owner


Baghi's born to promote the real artisan baked products, made with highest quality ingredients. They only use stone-ground flour from Italian wheat, free range fresh eggs, butter obtained by centrifuge and sourdough. They decided not to use preservatives, additives or emulsifier.

The company's quote is “Slow, and well made”. Cakes are leavened for 60-70 hours, our biscuits and other sweeties are handmade and handpacked. In 5 years the company won 3 first places in Great Taste Award in London, the Oscar of food, and other 2nd and 3rd places.


The company's activity consists of the artisanal production of baked goods, mainly sweet products, handmade and 100% artisanal with highest quality ingredients.