Borsari Maestri Pasticceri


Veneto, Badia Polesine

Italy Veneto
"Know-how, aunthenticity and passion: these are the main values that make our brand excellent." IDB GROUP - Owner


The origin of the prestigious trademark Borsari is linked to Verona, Pandoro’s homeland. Under the roman emperor Claudio, a decuman city gate was built. Later, in the medieval period, it was called “Porta Borsari” gate, from the name of some men, the “bursarii”, who imposed some duties to who wanted to enter the city from the gate . For sure, it has been this medieval dream to push Tiziano Golfetti, a pastry chef at the time, to open his first laboratory in 1903 and to name it “Borsari”. That’s how Borsari’s Pandori, Panettoni and Colombe, covered in chocolate and filled with cream, born.

Loyal to the artisanal tradition, the Muzzi family, currently the owner of the Borsari company, continue producing thousands of stuffed specialties, with the same care and attention of the old glorious Borsari pastry shop.


The culture yeast that the company uses is made only with flour, some sugar and some good bacteria… it’s true, it’s very simple but at the same time is the secret for success...Since over seventy years Borsari's staff monitors the culture yeast humidity and alkalinity into the doughs on a daily basis. This procedure allows to obtain the required softness and fragrance of the final products. Borsari's know how is due "to commitment and passion, "to successes but also to failures that we managed to solve over years of experience". 

Man based more than machine driven operations, such as you can see in the contraposition between advanced processes and slow leavening times, or in the one between a product design thought as a distinctive feature and not used as a temporary fashion phenomenon. Food safety, certifications, audit, quality, processes are words describing the daily commitment of all the staff to excellence.