Lombardy, Coccaglio

Lombardy Region
Listening, knowedge and understanding, in a land of ancient passions, the perfect synthesis between nature and man. Carlo Paladin - Owner


Close to Mount Orfano, in the south of Franciacorta, we have been working for decades the ground and the vineyards which, in these lands, create high quality products. Franciacorta piedhilly climatic variability influences the beginning of the vintage in the different places, where the cycle of ripening of the grapes is considerably different. The history and the charm of the place inspire the project that guides Castello Bonomi, turning an enchanted place into a dynamic company reality in which wines of superior quality are produced.

Castello Bonomi’s philosophy raises above a great dedication and a great passion in producing Franciacorta, which manifests itself constantly in the choices of timing that lead to the creation a sublime flavor and the unique style. The chef de cave’s secret art expresses all the ability of a master at work with his work: the wine.


The men, born and grown among the hills of the Franciacorta area have been able to understand the importance of this land, learning its characteristics and peculiarities, producing from the vines the best grapes. The work in the vineyard is pure passion and with great skill and total dedication nothing is left to chance. The secrets of the vigneron pass along the years: from the farming to the pruning and the harvest, only the best grapes are selected.

On Castello Bonomi’s terracing, where every strain gives only a few bunches of high-quality grapes, the Chardonnay grows, with pleasant fruity and mineral notes. The Pinot Noir, with its complex aromas, gives to the wine structure, character and elegance. Only love for the vineyards and the perfect fusion between the different varieties that make up the same Franciacorta can produce a very special wine.