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Panettone "Tuttauvetta" with Raisins without candied fruits hand wrapped 1Kg


The Tuttuvetta Panettone puts everyone in agreement, even those who do not like candied fruit: a soft and fragrant dough enriched only with sultanas, without candied fruit. The careful selection of raw materials, flour, fresh eggs, butter, milk and a little more make this Christmas cake a real delicacy.

Excellent in combination with prosecco or sparkling wine.

  • Region: Umbria
  • Producer: Muzzi Antica Pasticceria
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, sultanas, eggs, sugar, butter, milk, natural yeast, cocoa butter, flavourings, salt.
  • Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions
  • Shelf-life: 8 months

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Umbria, Foligno

Perfection is what we strive to reach and convey to our customers everyday. IDB Group - Owner

In 1795, Mastro Tommaso di Filippo Muzzi opened small pastry shop in the heart of Foligno, a town in central Umbria. Today, Muzzi continues to make the highest quality Italian pastries, cookies, and cakes. Baker legend dictates that the star-shaped pandoro is modeled after the mountains near Verona, where it was first created.