• Coppa Piacentina is produced with the muscles of the pig’s neck. It is possible to obtain two Coppa Piacentina from each pig. The manufacturing process consists of four phases. First, the raw material is combined with a mixture of salt and spices, accurately measured. After resting at cold temperatures, necessary to allow salt and flavourings to seep through the meat, the product is rubbed and wrapped in a distinctive wrap called "lard skin"- natural skin of pork. Then, the product is tied and placed to dry in special rooms for 10-15 days. Finally, the curing phase usually lasts from six months up to one year, depending on the size.

    Coppa Piacentina can be enjoyed with the classic Torta Fritta (fried bread to serve warm) or pickled vegetables (mixed vegetables with a light sweet-and sour sauce). Perfectly paired with red wines, such as sparkling Gutturnio or Barbera; among white wines (which enhance the product as well as red wines, or even better) we recommend Ortrugo Piacentino or Prosecco brut.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna

    Producer: Salumi Grossetti

    Ingredients: Pork, salt, spices. Preservatives: E 252

    Packaging: 900g

    Storage conditions: store at 4°C

    Shelf-life: 60 days from the date of production

    The weight of products as indicated on the label may slightly vary from the real weight of the delivery due to the small-scale artisanal production

  • Salumi Grossetti boasts a long family practise in the production of traditional cold cuts from Piacenza. The workshop was created in 1875, in Pianello Val Tidone, handing down from generation to generation the art of preparing cured meats.  After four generations, the workshop has now become a modern cured pork meat factory, equipped with advanced technological tools and procedures recognized at Community level to ensure the highest standards in terms of food safety and healthiness. Here, the pig meats for the production of “Salumi DOP piacentini” (PDO cold cuts from Piacenza) – Coppa PIacentina, Salame Piacentino and Pancetta Piacentina - are carefully selected, handcrafted and cured. Salumificio Grossetti is a member of the Consorzio Salumi Tipici Piacentini (Consortium Typical Cold Cuts from Piacenza) and the Consorzio Salumi D.O.P. Piacentini (Consortium PDO cold cuts from Piacenza). The company takes part in various events, during which the Salumificio is committed to the enhancement and promotion of the Typical Cold Cuts.