Sicily, Modica

Italy Sicilia
"Our products are the result of a fourthy years long rediscovery of the roots of the local confectionery tradition. Transforming the old recepies into a modern reinterpretation, we produce delicacies for the most demanding palates." Salvo Peluso - Owner


Peluso Confectionery is a few kilometers away from the historic center of Modica, in Sicily, and here since 1964 dedicate itself to the production of cookies and typical Sicilian confectionery. Among all, given the geographical position, let’s remember the famous chocolate!

From the union between past (represented by the wisely re-elaboration of other times recipes) and present (of which are expressed the more modern techniques and ways of production) a wide range of production is born: a diversified fan of delicacies known for their sublime goodness.


Peluso confectionery dedicates his activities, among others, to the production of the famous chocolate of Modica: unique in its kind! Thanks to a particular way of processing, called “cold”, sugar crystals never reach the melting point and remain beautiful and shiny to make every bite precious.