Gift box assorted "Baci di Dama" 180g

  • From an authentic Piedmontese recipe three varieties of pastries, made off of two cookies held together by a layer of chocolate:

    - Baci di Dama with almond dough
    - Baci di Dama with hazelnut dough
    - Baci di Dama with cocoa dough
  • Region: Piedmont

    Producer: La Perla di Torino

    Ingredients: type "00" wheat flour, sugar, hazelnuts, chocolate, almonds, butter, cocoa, vanillin

    Packaging: 180g

    Storage conditions: Store in cool and dry conditions

    Shelf-life: 10 months


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Piedmont, Turin

Italy Piedmont

Our mission? To bring the mastery of Turinese chocolatiers over the world. Sergio Arzilli - Owner

La Perla di Torino is a modern, vibrant and dynamic company specialised in the production of chocolate truffles, regional product of excellence in Piedmont, spreads and chocolate bars and at the same time an artisanal laboratory with an eye for tradition as well as new and innovative products.

Now as then, the success of La Perla di Torino is based on: first-class selected ingredients, dedication in creating the finest recipes with an eye for tradition, care in the packaging, attention to detail all-encompassing continuous strive for innovation.