Uniqua Tritordeum Verde Flour 1Kg


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  • Uniqua Verde is one of the five multi-purpose flours of the Uniqua line. Specifically, it is made by grinding the Tritordeum, the cereal of the future and natural result of the hybridization between durum wheat and wild NON-GMO barley. It is 100% Italian wheat and it is grown in a controlled supply chain: from planting to harvesting, every farmer is closely followed by a technician of the company that ensures the correct application of strict criteria. The Tritordeum has great nutritional properties: it is very digestible; it contains lutein, an ideal antioxidant for eye health; it has a higher content of soluble dietary fibre than wheat, with positive effects on intestinal and cardiovascular health. In addition, it works well when kneaded thanks to the absorption of liquids. Ideal for a healthy diet.

    UNIQUA GREEN: it is suitable for bread, pizza and fast-rising focaccia bread, shortbread, sponge cake, sweet buns (Veneziane), fresh pasta.

  • Region: Emilia Romagna

    Producer: Molino Dallagiovanna

    Ingredients: Tritordeum flour

    Packaging: 1Kg

    Storage conditions: Store at 4°C

  • Molino Dallagiovanna was founded in 1832 with the purchase of a stone mill. It developed over the next two centuries thanks to a constant modernization in full compliance with the milling tradition. After the installation of a first cylinder mill in 1949, a second was added in 1960 and a third in 1975. The ultramodern Bühler was installed in 2001. Thanks to high computerization and the new generation of pioneering entrepreneurs, today the business established by Dallagiovanna Family continues the right balance between tradition, innovation and respect for the environment.