Piedmont, San Marzanotto

Piedmont Region
"What makes possible for us to reach new goals that, over time, become strengths, is the renewal of the passion which we carry out the daily activities of the family tradition with." Enrico Rovero - Owner


The history of Azienda Fratelli Rovero starts at the end of the nineteenth century. Historical record is the small chapel built in 1880, well-preserved in the corporate setting. A cluster of houses is built around a large courtyard, where the distillery, the cellars for the ageing of grappas, and the old farmhouse that hosts the guest house and the offices are also located. The winery and wine cellars are set on the opposite hill, in the middle of the vineyards, surrounded by a green and picturesque landscape.

The last two generations - the brothers Franco, Claudio, Michelino and his son Enrico - continue the family tradition with renewed passion, expanding the company and using farming techniques that guarantee, in addition to the respect of the environment, safe and natural products. The organic farming has been extended to the whole production over the years, representing now the company’s strong point as an example for many farmers. After the separation from the musts, grape skins are transferred from the cellars to the distillery and processed immediately. By distilling fresh marcs of the grapes owned by Azienda Fratelli Rovero, and grape skins produced by other organic farmers and makers of prestigious wines, small and unique lots of single-grape grappas are obtained with a discontinuous method in water bath, for the delight of the most demanding palates and those who love high quality products.


The company's business focuses on vineyard-keeping, wine-making and farm holiday activities. Every day the Rovero brothers are involved in the management of the vineyards, as well as in the vinification, distillation and production of chinato wines and vermouth. They also manage the restaurant and the adjacent B&B.