Puglia, Corato

Puglia Region
"Our calling is to work better and better everyday to produce an Italian high quality pasta." Attilio Mastromauro - Owner -


The Granoro pasta factory was founded in 1967 in Puglia, in the heart of the midday of Italy, and ever since it produces all its products with passion, care and going on research to offer an excellent and typically Italian first dish. Today the Granoro pasta factory is one of the most important Italian productive realities in the dry pasta field of durum wheat semolina. The quality of the Granoro pasta is the fruit of passion, care and attention through all the processing steps, which harmonize the ancient pasta tradition with the modern productive technologies.

The result is an Italian quality pasta, with intense perfume and color, typical of the durum wheat golden by the sun.


Granoro produces Bronze Die pasta in many shapes using exclusively first quality durum wheat semolina, carefully selected and controlled before pasta-making. Standard are strict: the semolina has to originate from the heart of wheat grain, it must be free from bran parts, homogeneous, of yellow-gold color, with a high quality and quantity of protein content and in particular of gluten.

In the last few years, in addition to the already wide production and to satisfy the needs of a wider target of consumer, the Organic Line, the Cuore Mio Line and the Gluten Free Line have been added.

The Organic Line offers a wide range of products suitable to all, adults and children and it is made with raw material grown according to the Italian organic agricultural methods defined and disciplined at the European Community level.

The Cuore Mio Line is made by mixing raw materials grown in Italy, that is high quality durum wheat semolina and the flour of a particular variety of barley, with a high beta-glucagon content, a fiber that helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Finally, the “younger” Gluten Free line that is the Granoro line dedicated to the gluten free pasta and made in five basic shapes with corn, rice and quinoa flour. The gluten free line is meant for anyone who is intolerant to gluten and to those who by choice have removed gluten from their diet. The balanced blend of corn, rice and quinoa flour are an essential condition for obtaining a product of color, taste and consistency similar to conventional pasta.