Langa Eat


Piedmont, Neive

Italy Piemonte
"We handle and manufacture our products adopting a natural way of production." Muriel Di Blasi - Owner


The Langa Eat branded products are manufactured in the Cascina Valledoglio estate, located in the Langa Albese area, immesed in the green countryside characterized by gentle hills. The company was founded in 1997 when the cascina’s food cupboard was opened to the world. From there on the family recipes, handed down through generations, have been used to prepare specialties everyone could enjoy. Since then 20 years passed. Over time, Cascina Valledoglio learned to know and appreciate both the Italian and the International food markets and developed Langa Eat Italian Food selection.


All Langa eat products are prepared with fresh vegetables and all the raw materials are accurately selected by professional staff. The recepies come from years of experience in the preparation of homemade preserves, matured in the family context, besides the professional one. The company adopted industrial machinery that reproduces what happens in a traditional Italian kitchen. Products are pastorized for food safety reasons. This method allows to preserve flavours and organoleptical propetries.

Cascina Valledoglio is committed to environmental sustainability. Therefore it employs raw materials available near the production facility and coming from organic agriculture. To satisfy the needs of a growing niche of consumers, it produces vegan foods such as Veg Bolognaise Ragu.