Pandolce "Torchiatone" sweet-bread soaked in Torchiato di Fregona DOCG 240g



  • “Pandolce Torchiatone” is an alcoholic sponge cake, leavened and cooked under glass. Australian raisins, sourdough with mother yeast and DOCG Torchiato of Fregona passito wine obtained by pressing Glera, Verdiso and Boschera grapes and withered for 6 months. These are the same grapes used to produce Prosecco, but in this case they go under a long withering time to concentrate sugars, aromas and flavors.

    Under glass Torchiatone is excellent throughout the year. In the cold season, served at room temperature, thanks to that small alcoholic note is really greedy and appetizing. In the hotter season, cooled it in the fridge a few minutes before serving it, maybe with some ice cream or vanilla cream, thanks to its acidulous notes and its slightly bitterish undertaste typical of the Torchiatone.

  • Region: Veneto

    Producer: Baghi's Pasticceri Artigianali

    Ingredients:  Type 1 stone ground flour from Italian wheat, mother yeast, Australian raisins, Belgian butter, egg yolk from free-range hens, sugar, Conegliano valleys DOCG Torchiato of Fregona, salt, vanilla berries. 

    Packaging: 240 g

    Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place.

    Shelf-life: 180 days

  • Baghi's born to promote the real artisan baked products, made with highest quality ingredients. This is why they only use stone-ground flour from Italian wheat, free range fresh eggs, butter obtained by centrifuge and sourdough. They decided not to use preservatives, additives or emulsifier. The company's quote is “Slow, and well made”.




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