Chili Peppers Cream in Olive Oil 190g

  • Chili peppers cream is made mixing ground chili pepper and EVO oil

    Excellent to seasoning pasta or serving with bruschetta and croutons.

  • Region: Puglia

    Producer: Parente

    Ingredients: Chili peppers, olive oil, salt

    Packaging: 190g

    Storage conditions: Closed pack: 36 months in packaging kept in a cool place and protected from sunlight. Open package: 7 days in the refrigerator.

    Shelf-life: 36 months


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Puglia, San Severo

Italy Puglia

Love, experience and research: these are the key words that every day push us to be in tune with our customers' expectations. Francesco Parente - Owner

Parente is a modern firm producing high quality preserved vegetables. They are located in the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie, in north Puglia, in a very fertile land, rich in history and art.

Parente dedicates its activity to rediscover the typical taste of the high traditional italian kitchen, world know as Mediterranean Diet, in their palnt they produce the lines of preserved vegetables in oil, the charcoal grilled vegetables and olives.