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Farfalle PGI Pasta di Gragnano 500g


All the production of these bronze drawn Farfalle is carried out in Naples province as PGI Pasta di Gragnano trademark requires. They are a simple but special product made essentially of two selected ingredients: only 100% wheat flour from Tavoliere delle Puglie area in Apulia and water.

Farfalle are perfect with mushroom and meat sauce.

  • Region: Campania
  • Producer: Il Re Della Pasta di Gragnano
  • Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, water 
  • Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place
  • Shelf-life: 36 months

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Il re della Pasta di Gragnano logo

Campania, Gragnano

In the heart of Italy we select our growers in the fields of Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Marche and Abruzzo. Quality and safety are guaranteed by the traceability of the certified supply chain: from the wheat field to the table. Raffaele Carfora- Owner

The slow processing of the dough between the 100% Italian semolina and the pristine water of the Lattari Mountains, where the Acqua della Forma flows, together with the bronze dies, give our pasta a unique consistency and a rough surface capable of capturing the sauces and transforming each dish into an explosion of sensorial emotions.