Emilia Romagna, Strà di Nibbiano

Emilia Romagna Region
"As the years go by, we continue to do our job respecting the traditions that we always have been accompanied by." Alessandro Grossetti - Owner


Salumificio Grossetti: Piacenza-style cold cuts coming from the tradition. The company boasts a long family practise in the production of traditional cold cuts from Piacenza. The workshop was created in 1875, in Pianello Val Tidone, handing down from generation to generation the art of preparing cured meats. After four generations, the workshop has now become a modern cured pork meat factory, equipped with advanced technological tools and procedures recognized at Community level to ensure the highest standards in terms of food safety and healthiness.

The passion for this ancient profession, the attention for the manufacturing process, the patience in the research of the best quality during each step of the process have remained the same of the small and ancient workshop built in 1875, in Pianello. Here, the pig meats for the production of “Salumi DOP piacentini” (PDO cold cuts from Piacenza) – Coppa Piacentina, Salame Piacentino and Pancetta Piacentina - are carefully selected, handcrafted and cured.

Grossetti family did not use easy shortcuts: its cold cuts are still made carefully, with a particular attention for the quality, the choice of raw materials and the curing process. Antonio Grossetti, with his children and grandchildren (Enrico, Alessandro e Eugenia), awaits you at Strà di Nibbiano, along the state highway 412 (which connects Milan with Monte Penice, crossing the whole Val Tidone). They will be happy and honoured to welcome you in their shop and show the products of this beautiful valley.


Manufacturing and curing of Piacenza-style cold cuts (Coppa Piacentina, Pancetta Piacentina, Salame Piacentino). In addition to these, which are the pride of the company, Salumificio Grossetti produces other cured meats, typical of this area: from Mariola (now, one of the so-called Presidi Slow Food) to Ciccioli secchi, Lard, Zampone and Cappelllo del prete. Similarly, beside Salame Piacentino DOP, it is possible to find all the local variations of salami: Salame Gentile, salamini Cacciatore and Strolghino.