Torrone Bedetti

Torrone Bedetti

Veneto, Badia Polesine

Italy Veneto
"Since over one hundred years we produce a prestigious nougat with care and imagination." IDB GROUP - Owner


A timeless story. A centuries-old journey back in time, between old fragrances and flavours. Nowadays, as on the late 1912, “sweetness is Bedetti's business“. A tradition handed out from father to son over three generations. An artisanal way of production crossing the barriers of time and technological progress.

Authentic ingredients, carefully selected, manual production, and original final products packaged with attention to details. Bedetti worked tirelessly over year in order to spread appreciation for the old simple and tasty sweets.

The story of Bedetti confectionery dates back to 1800, when the knight commander Augusto Bedetti began to work as a pastry in a lavoratory located in Ancona, in the Marche region. Once he learned all the secrets of Italian art of confectionery in Turin, he opened his own confectionery shop in Falconara, in the Marche region near the sea. The business gradually but constantly grew thanks to the contribution of Augusto’s family.


Nougat, the timeless flagship of Bedetti’s production, is prepared slowly cooking honey in boiling waterbath on a copper vat, adding sugar, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. The hot mass is then extracted from the vat and placed on woodden surfaces to be flattened by hand, cut and modelled to forming some splints, bon bons and cakes. Torrone is left to cool down on marble surfaces before being covered with chocolate and packaged.