Mixed Fruit Mostarda di Voghera 380g

  • Assorted fruit Mostarda di Voghera is made of whole candied fruit packed in glass jars with the addition of flavoured sugar and glucose syrup. This product is produced in Voghera following the ancient Mostarda di Voghera recipe typical of Lombardy.

    Side dish traditionally combined with boiled or roasted meat, or consumed during antipasto with fresh or matured cheeses. 

  • Region: Lombardy

    Producer: Pianetta di Barbieri

    Ingredients: Assorted candied fruits (cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, figs, clementines, melon, pumpkin) sugar, glucose syrup, mustard

    Packaging: 380g

    Storage conditions: Store at room temperature (max. 22 degrees)

    Shelf-life:24 months from date of production

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Lombardy, Lignana

Italy Lombardy

Our candied fruit is the result of a skillful craftmanship aimed at preserving the original falvours, colours, and organoleptic properties of the raw materials. Marco Barbieri - Owner

Since 1977 Pianetta di Barbieri has been producing candied fruits aiming for excellence.

In the proprietary craft laboratory the best Italian fruits, picked at the right degree of ripening, are candied, respecting in all stages of production the patient times of the craft tradition.